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The North Carolina Presenters Consortium (NCPC) advances the performing arts through collaboration, shared resources and professional development.

NCPC believes in:

The power of bringing artists and audiences together for live performances;

Promoting a spirit of non-competitiveness;

Creating opportunities that foster inspiration, dialogue, inclusion and discovery;

Bringing the unique, creative experience shared between artist and audience to all people of North Carolina.




Alkahest Artists & Attractions

Established in 1896 as The Alkahest Lyceum System, The Alkahest Agency is the country’s first lecture, concert and theatrical booking management company. In the days of the Chautauqua tent shows, Alkahest brought celebrities such as Winston Churchill, Prince William of Sweden, Enrico Caruso and Marian Talley to the United States. Today, Alkahest Artists & Attractions, Inc. represents a diverse roster in the disciplines of music and theatre. Their emphasis is on developing and managing regional and national tours of quality, affordable productions that have mainstream appeal. 
NCPC extends heartfelt thanks to Alkahest Artists and all of our 2015-16 sponsors!