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The North Carolina Presenters Consortium (NCPC) advances the performing arts through collaboration, shared resources and professional development.

NCPC believes in:

The power of bringing artists and audiences together for live performances;

Promoting a spirit of non-competitiveness;

Creating opportunities that foster inspiration, dialogue, inclusion and discovery;

Bringing the unique, creative experience shared between artist and audience to all people of North Carolina.

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KMP Artists is a tour management firm and production company for the live performing arts since 2004. KMP offers theatrical productions, quality family shows, music headliners, concert artists, circus, International dance, visual arts. lectures and residency programs. KMP is committed to cultural exchange by touring exceptional projects found around the globe that stimulate conversation and encourage mutual understanding. KMP additionally provides public relations and media support, company management services and acts as executive producer for other producers.

The non-profit Carolina Theatre of Durham, Inc. is one of downtown’s most loved and established arts organizations. Each year it presents over 60 concerts, daily film and film festivals, serves 15,000 school children with its Arts Discovery educational series, and provides a home for numerous nonprofits and other organizations that utilize the facility – in all attracting more than 150,000 people to downtown.  People who love downtown Durham crave the distinct personality, programming, and atmosphere that The Carolina Theatre specializes in.  The Carolina Theatre is more than a building, it's an experience that can only be found in Durham.