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About NC Presenters Consortium

Who We Are

North Carolina Presenters Consortium, Inc. is a not-for-profit membership association comprised of professional performing arts presenting organizations throughout North Carolina and industry professionals from NC and beyond who share the mission of bringing artists and audiences together.

NCPC is a member-based resource network, forged in a spirit of non-competitive cooperation and dedicated to enhancing the availability, quality, variety and affordability of professional touring arts and entertainment attractions presented throughout the state. NCPC members include representatives of numerous organizations large and small, urban and rural.

NCPC normally meets three times annually at varying locations throughout North Carolina.  Members also gather during regional professional conferences including Performing Arts Exchange and the yearly meeting of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters in New York. 

Annual dues and member benefits vary for NC presenting members, out-of-state presenter members, agents, managers, performing artists, service organizations and industry-associated vendors. NCPC is supported by member dues, program fees, revenue from and through grant subsidy from the North Carolina Arts Council. Additional in-kind support is provided by our NC statewide project partner, OUR STATE Magazine.


NC Presenters Consortium was begun in 1991 with a membership of 8 presenters. By spring 1998, membership had increased to 40. NCPC published the first hard copy edition of ON STAGE IN NORTH CAROLINA in the fall of 1998. Provisions were made by the end of that year to accommodate associate and professional memberships. NCPC was incorporated in 1999, with parttime contract administration added that same year. The NCPC website and member listservs were launched. 501(c)(3) status was received in 2000, and a five-year strategic planning process completed during 2000. In 2000, NCPC and North Carolina Arts Council began co-sponsoring the reconstituted ArtsMarket performing arts showcase conference. Since FY 1999 thru the current season, NCPC has received in excess of $175,000 in funding support for its initiatives from the North Carolina Arts Council, (with a total of $140,000 from previous corporate sponsor TIAA CREF in support of the publication ON STAGE IN NORTH CAROLINA.) NCPC’s strategic plan was updated/revised in June 2006, at the same time as NCPC launched its new statewide event calendar website and ceased publication of the hard copy directory. A statewide marketing campaign via public radio was conducted during 2010-11 to promote awareness of In 2011, NCPC relocated the biennial ArtsMarket conference to Durham and hosted the most successful conference event in its history.

NCPC is regarded by many as one of the premier presenting networks in the U.S. and has frequently been used as a prototype by other states in establishing presenter network organizations. Current NCPC membership stands at approximately 200 organizations including presenters, agency/managements, performing artists, industry vendors and presenter-related service organizations.

NC Presenter Consortium presidents: 1992-1994/Joe Jeffcoat, Spirit Square, Charlotte; 1994-1996/Bill Wilson, CoMMA, Morganton; 1996-1998/Steve Davis, Stevens Center, Winston-Salem; 1998-2000/Sharon Moore, NCSU, Raleigh; 2000-2002/Lyman Collins, Town of Cary, Cary; 2002-2004/Perry Mixter, ASU, Boone; 2004-2006/John Ellis, Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville; 2006-2008/Louisa Hart, High Point Theatre,, High Point; 2008-2010/Russell Wicker, Isothermal Community College, Spindale; 2010-2012/Ray Jordan, Sampson CenterStage, Clinton; 2012-2014/William Lewis, PineCone, Raleigh.


Two-day NCPC membership meetings which focus on collaborative booking are hosted by member presenter organizations each November and February. The booking forums are open to presenter-category members only. The February meeting location varies each year. The November event is now consistently hosted in Durham, NC, alternating with the biennial ArtsMarket conference. The November meeting occurring on non-ArtsMarket years also features a “Bull Chat” component which permits agent and artist members to actively engage on an informal basis with the presenter organization representatives in attendance, similar to NCPC’s previous “Beach Blanket Consultation” rotations at Atlantic Beach. NCPC’s Annual Meeting, also open to all membership categories, now rotates between mountain and coastal locations and includes significant professional development opportunities relevant to the industry. See for meeting schedule details and registration information.


The NCPC organization is governed by an elected 11-member Executive Committee comprised of officers and at-large members.  Executive Committee members are elected for two-year terms, with officers’ terms alternating with terms by at-large members. NCPC administration is contracted to goingbarefoot•inc. in Durham, NC with Stephen Barefoot serving as administrator for the organization. See for board member contact information.


One of NCPC's milestone accomplishments was the founding of a statewide performing arts events calendar named "On Stage in North Carolina."  Initiated as a hard copy booklet in 1998 with support from the NC Arts Council and TIAA-CREF, 100,000 copies of the 40-page annual "On Stage" publication were distributed throughout the state, becoming a significant factor in growing recognition of the arts presenting field within NC.  In 2006, the hard copy publication transferred to a web-based calendar site "" and expanded to include events from both NCPC members and non-member presenting and producing organizations across the state.  The site was built and maintained in partnership with WordwrightWeb of Wilmington, NC.  The NCPC "OnStageinNC" calendar continued to be a valuable resource for audiences and presenters, and was operated by NCPC through June of 2012.  Visitors from 51 countries visited the site during the 2011-12 year.

OUR STATE Magazine Partnership

Our State Magazine

For a number of years, NCPC has enjoyed a mutually rewarding advertising partnership with OUR STATE magazine. In nine of the monthly issues, readers will find a one-or-two-page color display ad listing a number of NCPC venue-member presented events occurring across NC for that month.  Participating NCPC-member venues enjoy significant benefit and rewards from this ongoing partnership.
OUR STATE is a magazine of NC travel, history and folklore, magnificent scenic photography and lively stories of The Old North State.  With a current circulation exceeding 100,000, OUR STATE hasa  70-year-old tradition of celebrating the people, places, the past and the present, of the state of North Carolina.  OUR STATE's partnership with NCPC is a glowing example of mutual service and benefit, and we thank OUR STATE for its generous and creative support.

NCPC presenter-category members' events are eligible to be included in this monthly ad as long as they are officially enrolled in this partnership and their data is correctly submitted by deadline per the NCPC procedure.   NCPC presenter members are reminded that they must officially enroll in the OUR STATE partnership project (contact NCPC administrator Stephen Barefoot at and have their event data properly submitted three months prior to the magazine’s issue in order to be eligible for inclusion in the OUR STATE ad.  The OUR STATE/NCPC partnership requirements are outlined at  Please call Stephen with any questions.


ArtsMarket, co-produced on a biennial basis by NC Arts Council & NCPC, is a regional performing arts showcase conference for presenters, arts educators, artists, managers and agents from throughout the country.  Originally hosted in Wilmington, NC, then relocated to High Point, NC for a number of years, ArtsMarket is now located in Durham, NC, hosted by the historic Carolina Theatre and the Durham Convention Center. The 2011 event welcomed more than 600 attendees during the course of the three-day conference featuring 40 juried performance showcases and 150 agents and self-represented artists as exhibitors in the exhibit hall. ArtsMarket2013 is scheduled for Nov. 4-6, 2013. For further updates, visit

LISTSERVS & WEBSITE is the organization’s member service website which provides the membership contact roster, membership application information, meeting schedules and registration, job postings and other relevant news. NCPC operates three monitored member listservs, NCPC also currently operates & monitors three membership listservs -- 1) presenter-to-presenter member; 2) agent/artist/vendor to presenter member; and 3) an all-member listserv.The ease of a member’s being able to contact the entire membership with one email has been an extremely important tool in our organization’s growth and effectiveness, and is a prime member benefit. The NCPC organization’swebsite is managed & maintained as a contracted service by NCPC member Serena Ebhardt of EbzB Productions. It enables all membership applications & renewals online, as well as event registration and member database management. To contact NCPC’s webmaster, email to


Having grown into a national model for presenting networks, NCPC functions as a noncompetitive alliance of colleagues who trust, support and uplift each other, knowing that building one’s own audience for the performing arts builds our state’s audience for the arts. 

NCPC engages its membership in an open sharing of vision, advice, resources, opportunities, successes, difficulties, creativity and progress.  And in so doing, we strengthen relationships between artists and audiences across our great state.

It is NCPC’s shared belief that the arts have both the power and the responsibility to educate, entertain, enlighten, engage, provoke, challenge, motivate, liberate, enlarge and inspire the human spirit.  The sharing of the arts experience creates an opportunity for dialogue and question, resolution and response.  Through active participation, each of us shapes the record of what matters.  We remind you that your voice counts. 

NCPC Year in Review 2012: Report to Annual Meeting June 19, 2012 (.pdf)