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NCPC Listserv Directions and Policy

Your membership privilege to the NCPC listservs is a valuable resource, and while we attempt to use it to our maximum advantage, we also ask each other to keep its real purposes in mind and not abuse the great benefit it affords us all.
Membership benefits entitle ALL members to listserv access.  This means that, as an NCPC member, you can send an email to the full membership or to a portion of the membership via the listserv. This enables a manager or agent to notify NC presenters of a routing availability or some other opportunity relating to a particular artist or attraction, or an artist member to notify the membership of a special residency availability, etc. It permits presenters to communicate directly with only the presenter members to discuss block booking initiatives, presenter experiences with artists on site, and to share policies and best practices and advice with each other. NCPC presenters take very good advantage of the listserv and communicate among themselves very frequently. Messages are usually guaranteed to be distributed within 48 hours of receipt, and are most often approved and distributed much more quickly than that.
 The following monitored listservs are provided:
 1. Presenter-to-full presenter membership:  address your email to the presenters listserv address provided to you upon joining NCPC. The email is distributed only to members classified as presenting organizations, both within NC and outside NC.
 2. Any member-to-total NCPC membership:  address your email to the listserv address provided to you upon joining NCPC.  The email is distributed to the full membership roster, all categories. 
 3.  Agent (& artist/manager/vendor)-to-presenter members only:  address your email to the presenters listserv address provided to you upon joining NCPC. This email is distributed only to members classified as presenting organizations, both within NC and outside NC.
 **PLEASE NOTE: Due to the way our listservs are set up, agent & artist members do NOT necessarily RECEIVE a copy of their original message when it is distributed to the presenter-only membership. We trust you will trust us that messages are being distributed. Without our paying additional charges, we are unable to provide the copy back to the original sender. (If you have difficulty trusting us, then you’re actually probably a member of the wrong organization, but you are welcome to email a presenter member to inquire if your message has been received!)
Replying to listserv messages:
In most cases, you are asked to reply-to-sender only, which means you will be replying directly to the person who sent the original message, without its being copied to the full membership. In cases when you have chosen to Reply to All, then the NCPC listserv monitor may contact you to clarify your intentions before we process the response for full distribution.
Official Listserv Use Policy:
NCPC maintains email subscription listservs which provide critical information distribution exclusively for its members. In order to insure that the listservs are utilized properly by NCPC members, listserv messages are monitored by the designated NCPC listserv moderator prior to their posting. The moderator is empowered by the NCPC Board to approve or reject messages posted to the listserv by NCPC members. The moderator will routinely NOT approve the following kinds of messages:
  • Messages and/or news releases that are generic promotional messages from members regarding upcoming events
  • Copies of messages sent to third parties
  • Messages that contain libelous or potentially libelous statements
  • Messages from non-NCPC members
In 'judgment call' cases, the moderator will consult with the NCPC Administrator and/or the NCPC President and mutually agree on the proper course of action. In these cases, the sender of the message will be notified if their message was rejected for posting and the specific reasons for that decision.
While we do want to see the new agent-to-presenter listserv be used and meet its fullest purpose, we do ask that agent members be prudent in their frequency of utilization of this listserv. Please do not overuse the system to report inconsequential information to presenters. As all of us are now bombarded with emails daily, we don’t wish to overtax our brains or our “delete” keys.