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NCPC Annual Meeting 2014
Monday - Wednesday, June 16-18, 2014 • Asheville, NC

Register now for the 2014 NC Presenters Consortium Annual Meeting, Monday afternoon thru Wednesday midday, June 16-18, 2014.  NCPC’s Annual Meeting alternates its summer gathering between mountain & coastal locations and we are delighted to be hosted in Asheville for the 2014 event.

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About Asheville:

About Diana Wortham Theatre:

Diana Wortham Theatre’s John Ellis, Rae Geoffrey, staff & volunteers welcome you to Asheville for an exciting agenda that blends valuable professional resources and networking opportunities in one of the most eclectic and vibrant downtown districts in our state.  The Annual Meeting is open to all categories of NCPC membership including presenting organizations, agents and managers, performing artists, vendors and service organizations.  Members are encouraged to register additional staff and board members.

A few NCPC Annual Meeting 2014 highlights:

• The Touring Arts Marketplace — Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?
David Wannen from the Association of North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents (NAPAMA) joins us to lead a discussion about the intriguing and sometimes surprising survey results from more than 800 industry respondents (including 500 presenters) who participated in NAPAMA’s extensive 2013 market study.  The session will capsulate points from the recently-released 100+ page NAPAMA survey report.

• Social Media & Beyond: The Changing Face of Communication Technology
Led by Dr. Scott Rader, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Marketing at Western Carolina University, this session will examine the rapidly changing state of social media, looking at case studies as ‘lessons in triumph and failure,’ and offering a glance at what may lie ahead.  

• Legal Matters
A panel-led discussion relating to issues of NC’s newly-imposed sales tax on admissions, state withholding policies on artist fees, royalties and licenses, contracts, riders & more.

• Nuts-and-Bolts Roundtables
Find your group and join the discussion.  Focus topics will include Booking & Programming, Audience Behavior & Customer Service, Operations, Sponsorships, Block-Booking, and Marketing.  

• The 2014 NCPC Annual Meeting
Our agenda will include your official update & results on the search for our incoming NCPC administrative director, formal election of executive officers for 2014-16, 2014-15 budget, an update on ArtsMarket2015 & more

• Agent & Artist Mini-Pitches
Nothing could be finer than to pitch in Carolina.

• Collaborative Booking Update
Presenter members’ announcements on who’s performing where & when in 2014-15. Presenters, bring your line-up announcements.

• Official Coronation
Induction of NCPC’s incoming benevolent Lady Archibald-of-the-Paramount, along with the customary biennial, brutal de-coronation and beheading of our present leader, the Earl of Yum-Yum William Lewis.

• Zaloom Comedy Bus Tour of downtown Asheville
Asheville’s comedy theatre-on-wheels; two bus tours accommodating up to 40 NCPC passengers each, scheduled for late Tuesday afternoon. Fasten seat belts and don’t spill anything.

• Admission passes to the Biltmore Estate (for admission beginning Wednesday, June 18)

Host Hotel
Aloft Hotel

Aloft Downtown Asheville, 51 Biltmore Avenue, Downtown Asheville; Reservations 828.232.2838. ID as NC Presenters Consortium.

Conference rate:  $139 plus tax, available Sunday thru Wednesday evenings, June 15-18. $5 daily hotel parking fee.

Breathtaking mountain views, rooftop pool and lounge, complimentary wireless internet throughout.

Special room rate cutoff May 23, based on availability.  

If making reservations by phone, identify yourself as a member of NC Presenters Consortium and reconfirm the group rate as quoted.


A personalized Web site for NC Presenters Consortium occurring (June 15, 2014 - June 18, 2014) has been created for you. Guests can access the site to learn more about the event and to book, modify, or cancel a reservation from April 15, 2014 to June 19, 2014.

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Annual Meeting Delegate Registration Fees

This convening is funded in part by a grant from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and North Carolina Arts Council. We are very grateful for their generous support.

Early bird registration: $125 per person thru Friday, June 6;  
Late bird: $160 per person, from June 7 thru June 13;
From June 14:  No bird at all.  Sorry.

Your NCPC per-person registration fee covers all the events above, plus opening night reception & dinner on Monday, June 16, lunch on Tuesday, June 17 and breakfast on Wednesday, June 18.

* For additional persons:  Per our software’s terminology for online registration, use “guest” registrations at the full delegate rate to register additional professionals from your organization who will be attending the Annual Meeting; these persons will have access to all conference events.   Use “spouse” registration at $75 to apply to any other person who may be joining you on an a la carte basis for the social events only – which can include Monday evening’s reception & dinner, Tuesday lunch, Tuesday pre-dinner downtown comedy bus tour, and Wednesday breakfast. For “spouse” registrations, fee is $75 per person. This fee excludes admission into any professional development sessions.

Event Schedule
(subject to change)

Monday, June 16:

12:00-3:00PM:  NCPC Executive Committee, Diana Wortham Theatre

4:00-5:30PM:  NCPC event delegate registration, Lower Lobby, Diana Wortham Theatre
5:30-6:15PM:  Opening reception, Lower Lobby, Diana Wortham Theatre;
(one drink ticket included in registration; cash bar, beer & wine)

6:15-7:30PM: Opening dinner, informal buffet; cash bar

7:30-9:00PM:  Special Session, all membership; details clouded in intrigue & mystery

POST 9:00PM: On-your-own; frolic at the Aloft rooftop pool bar

Tuesday, June 17:

Breakfast:  On your own

8:30-9:00AM: Registration open & morning coffee, Diana Wortham Theatre

9:00-10:30AM: NCPC Annual Meeting, all membership, Diana Wortham Theatre
        NCPC President William Lewis, Earl of Yum, presiding

10:45AM-12:15PM:  The 2013 NAPAMA Market Study: Where Are We Now?
                            Diana Wortham Theatre

The touring arts marketplace –- What is it now? What has changed?  Where might it be heading?  Where are “we” in this picture?  NAPAMA, the Association of North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents recently released a 100+-page comprehensive report based on survey responses from more than 800 industry colleagues, including representatives from 500 presenting organizations, both large and small.  David Wannen, Exec. Dir. of New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players and Vice-President for Membership for NAPAMA, will share some of the fascinating and often-surprising results of this national survey.   

12:30-2:30PM:      Midday Convening of the Court
            The Venue, 21 North Market St., Asheville
            Member Agents & Artists Mini-Pitches
            Transfer of the Crown & Scepter:
            Decoronation of the Earl of Yum, William Lewis
            Coronation of Lady Archibald, Sherry Archibald
3:15-4:45PM         Social Media and Beyond
            The Changing Face of Communication Technology

Dr. Scott Rader, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Marketing at Western Carolina University will guide NCPC in a group discussion on the rapidly changing state of social media and an examination of tools of communication technology. The session will examine the emergence of heterogeneous “tribes” of disparate consumer interest, case studies as “lessons in triumph and failure” and a look to what may lie ahead tomorrow.  And the day after.

5:30-6:20 PM    Zaloom Downtown Asheville Comedy Bus Tour, Group 1
6:30-7:20 PM    Zaloom Downtown Asheville Comedy Bus Tour, Group 2

It’s a theatre company in a bus, and the stage set is downtown Asheville. Buckle up…No usher is gonna come tell you to stay quiet.  (You’ll sign up for group one or group two at conference check-in.)

Evening        On your own, unless you’ve been thrown under the bus

Wednesday, June 18

9:00-10:00AM    NCPC Breakfast Roundtables
            Diana Wortham Theatre

Sign up for tables/topics during conference check-in. Ten seats per table.
Questions below submitted in advance by members. Additional issues may be discussed.

1) Booking/Programming
We often hear calls to challenge our audiences and communities, to push the envelope, to present innovative programming.  How are presenters meeting this goal? What are examples of successes? What’s trending in programming directions? Who are emerging artists to watch? Am I entitled to refuse to pay advance deposits?  Why am I asked to submit box office reports on fee-guaranteed events? How does one effectively promote a “non-series” added event?  Discuss the care & feeding of artists – we want artists to have a positive experience at our venues but we also need to be sensitive to the bottom line.

2) Audience Behavior/Customer Service
How do we deal with increased texting, photography and recording at events, children at adult performances, unsatisfied patrons, special seating requests or demands? How are new audiences being welcomed? Is it up to us to attempt to set standards of audience appearance or behavior? How are venues addressing the e-cigarette issue?  Is there any standard on length or content of curtain speeches? What has been a memorable experience in customer service?

3) Operations
Tell me the good, the bad & the ugly on the major ticketing systems – we’re beginning to shop.  It is worth the risk on venue damage to permit concessions in the house? What are success stories on maximizing concession revenue?  Are your volunteer ushers trained by a volunteer or by staff?  Is there a training manual available? How is your staff trained for medical/first aid emergencies? Do you charge ticketing service fees for in-person sales at your box office? How are presenters pricing their tickets for maximum profitability and minimum risk? Are things like premium seating, dynamic pricing and resale taking hold?

4) Sponsorships
How are corporate sponsorships trending? Is corporate giving on an upswing? What are examples of creative benefits provided to sponsors and donors? What are organizations giving to donors in recognition of contributions? How are individual contributions acknowledged when received? Are your major sponsors thanked by name during curtain speeches? At what levels to your contributors names appear in program materials? Are your board members expected to make annual contributions?

5) Block-booking
Hearing from other venues who have presented an artist I’m bringing in is so valuable to me – how to I encourage this sharing among our membership? Should I just use the listserv to inquire if someone has presented so-and-so? Does NCPC receive final confirmation on all blocks so that this information could be shared? Are venues & management as concerned today as they once were with radius clauses and exclusivities? What market radius is most common in NC? If I am the first or anchor booking in routing that develops into a block, am I entitled to some discount in my originally confirmed fee if other venues in the state route around my date? What are the most significant values of our block-booking meetings?

6) Marketing
Who is still marketing through a season brochure and a “season” ticket? What are presenters’ most valuable marketing resources & tools? When you utilize performance clip videos on your website, are there legal issues applicable? Do you do Facebook give-aways and, if so, as a matter of practice or only in a last-minute effort to paper the house? Can venues who utilize billboard advertising speak to their effectiveness and cost?

10:15-11:15AM    Legal Matters
A panel-led discussion relating to issues of contracts, riders, royalties & licenses, the new NC sales tax on admissions, state withholdings & more

11:15-11:30 AM    Last-Minute Open Mic & Tales from the Palace

11:30 AM        Adjournment
Biltmore Estate excursions (tickets distributed per sign-up during check-in)


Meeting Schedule 2014-2016
Schedule subject-to-change


January 27-28            Winter Collaborative Booking              Oriental
(presenter members only)

March 11                    Executive Committee                         Greensboro

June 16-18                 NCPC Annual Meeting                       Asheville
(open to all membership categories)

August 12                   Executive Committee                         Greensboro

September 30             At Performing Arts Exchange             Atlanta
(all membership categories)

November 17-18         Bull Chat & Collaborative Booking     Durham
(Bull Chat activities open to all membership; booking mtg. portion of event open presenter-category members only)


January 26-27             Winter Collaborative Booking             Clayton
(presenter members only)

March 10                     Executive Committee                          Elon

June 15-16                  NCPC Annual Meeting                        Wilmington*
(open to all membership categories)

August 11                     Executive Committee                          Elon

November 1-4              ArtsMarket 2015 & Collab. Booking    Durham
(ArtsMarket Performing Arts Showcase Conference open to members & non-members; booking meeting available only to NCPC presenter-category members)


January 25-26                Winter Collaborative Booking             Wingate

March 15                         Executive Committee

June 20-21                      NCPC Annual Meeting                      Asheville*

August 9                          Executive Committee

November                       Bull Chat & Collaborative Booking     Durham
(Bull Chat activities open to all membership; booking mtg. portion of event open
presenter-category members only)

*Dates/location are tentative

Pictures from NCPC's 2013 Annual Gathering in Wilmington

Registration may be completed online thru our link to 123signup at If you are a current member of NCPC or if you have previously registered online for an NCPC event, you will find most of your contact information, etc. already filed in our 123SignUp database! Just click to register and proceed as directed. It's quick, easy and convenient, and once you enter your email address, much of your data will automatically appear.