Bull Chat Speed Networking Event Information

NCPC’s Bull Chat Speed Networking event will offer participants a dynamic platform to engage in fast-paced networking interactions. Attendees connect through focused small-group exchanges, fostering connections within a 5-minute timeframe. Speed-Networking is a quick way to meet and interact with colleagues and make mutually beneficial connections. It also allows participants to make decisions about whom to reconnect with during exhibit hall hours or after the conference.

This event is open to Presenters, Agents and Independent Artists ONLY.

 Speed Networking Event Information

Bull Chat Speed Networking Sessions will take place in FOUR locations simultaneously at both the DCC as well as the Carolina Theatre of Durham. There will be one Bull Chat Speed Networking Session featuring four concurrent events during this session. Participants will receive specific instructions with the time AND location of their session. 

  • Session date: Wednesday, November 8th from 8:15a to 9:15a
    • Group 1 will take place in the Durham Convention Center (Meeting Rooms 1-4)
    • Group 2 will take place in the Carolina Theatre's Connie Moses Ballroom (2nd floor)
    • Group 3 will take place in the Carolina Theatre's Donor Lounge (3rd floor)
    • Group 4 will take place in the Carolina Theatre's Cinema 1 (2nd floor)

Each session will begin with a quick introduction from the session host where instructions and session information will be shared. Please plan to arrive on time to receive instructions and relevant session information. 

  • One Agent/Artist participant will rotate around the room engaging with tables of two presenters at a time. 
  • 5 minutes will be allotted for each round; the session host will inform groups about the time frame.
  • It is important that all participants respect the process. At the signal, end your conversation immediately and move on to the next table. 

We encourage you to continue any unfinished conversations following the event in the exhibit hall. 

SPEED NETWORKING DISCLAIMER: NCPC makes no guarantee that all networking encounters during these sessions will result in perfect matches or bookings. As a participant you will receive a list of Speed Networking attendees stating their interests, offerings and price ranges. We encourage you to make contact with participants whom you may not have had a chance to network with but who have or need programming that might match your interest/availability.

 Speed Networking Registration Details

  • Participants MUST be registered to attend ArtsMarket 2023 prior to signing up for the Bull Chat Speed Networking Event. Please be sure you have registered before proceeding. Please click here to register for ArtsMarket 2023.
  • LIMITED space is available for event participants. 
    • We will have 10 agents/artists and 20 presenters per group/location. There are 4 groups so maximum capacity for this events is 40 exhibitors and 80 presenters.
    • Each organization is limited to having ONE representative attend the session on their behalf–this applies to presenters, agents and artists. If an organization is registered more than one time only the very first registration received will be considered valid and all others will be removed. 
  • Once sign ups close, you will receive an email with your specific group number and location. 
  • As a participant you will receive a list of Speed Networking attendees stating their interests, offerings and price ranges.

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Agent/Artist Spots for this event ARE FULL.

Please contact MaryJo Birschbach to be placed on a waitlist if interested.

 Helpful Hints and Tips for Speed Networking

  • Artists & Agents: Having a 60-second statement that includes your name, title or art, and what you have available for presenters is helpful. Also, be sure to bring any information on already established routed dates throughout the Southeast (if applicable).
  • Make sure you have a supply of business cards ready. 
  • Assemble handouts beforehand so they can be distributed quickly.
  • Please note: access to technology/tv screens/power outlets during these sessions will not be provided–if you are planning to use multimedia tools you will need to provide them. 
  • Bring a pen, notepad, and your appointment calendar with you.
  • Attire is business/conference casual. 
  • Have fun! NCPC Networking events are the BEST and we hope you find the experience both valuable and enjoyable!


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