What is a Presenter?

Presenters are the conduit between the arts at-large and their local community; breathing life into their community by bringing new sounds, new sights and new perspectives for others to experience and enjoy.  

Presenters explore, research, plan and select the artistic programming to be shared at their venue based upon their knowledge and expertise in understanding the audiences within their local community. 

Presenters contract talent spanning multiple genres for one or more engagements at theatres, colleges and universities, festivals, performing arts centers, and other venues in communities large and small. 

Presenters book performances directly, negotiating contracts and terms with professional artists, groups, and agents to ensure a successful event for both the artist and their community. 

Presenters provide support to their venue through marketing and promoting selected events. Arts presenters also provide support to their local community through consistent engagement to maintain a pulse on what arts entertainment is most desired by the community at large. 

Performing arts presenting organizations facilitate exchanges between artists and audiences through creative, educational and performance opportunities. The work that these artists perform is produced outside of the presenting organization. ("The Capacity of Performing Arts Presenting Organizations," by Mark A. Hager and Thomas H. Pollak, The Urban Institute, Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, April 2002)

What is a Presenter's Consortium

A Presenter’s Consortium is a professional association comprised of a collective of presenters who seek collaboration and support in the field of presenting. Presenter consortium’s also include agent, artist and vendor members which allows for a comprehensive collaborative experience for all members throughout the performing arts community.

Why Join a Presenter’s Consortium?

Joining a presenter’s consortium provides access to extraordinary resources that would otherwise be more challenging to access independently. From professional networking to on-demand collaborative support, professional development sessions to block booking meetings, presenter’s consortiums provide presenters, artists, agents, managers and other arts professionals with the means to connect, collaborate and conduct business which allows the opportunity to bring the arts to all communities and audiences. 

Why should I join NCPC?
NCPC is a valuable resource network for presenters, agents, artists, vendors, and service providers. As one of the largest and most active state consortia, we provide access to a vibrant statewide arts scene and a pool of friendly colleagues who have collectively amassed decades of experience in the industry. Our meetings, listserv, and ArtsMarket conference help agents, artists, and vendors connect with presenters, and presenters connect with one another.






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